MORBID UPHEAVAL "Towards the Inevitable Disintegration" Cd

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A collection, a cenotaph for the Spiritual Death Metal Militians. All tracks previously unreleased on CD format. Digipack CD comes with 20 pages booklet with interviews, lots of artwork and more! MORBID UPHEAVAL lasted for about 4 years, during which they released 2 demos and a handful of split releases with renowned bands in the death/black metal genre. Their take on the genre is fierce and unique, thus the appellation of Spiritual Death Metal Militia to further emphasize the otherworldly aspect that ALL death/black metal MUST have. This collection CD compiles all of the recorded body of work of the band throughout their career, from the awesome final 2006 split LP back to the raw grimness of the 2002 rehearsal. 4 bonus tracks are included in the form of an alternate mix of the rare Gyokusai track and three live tracks recorded at the band's peak in 2006, shortly before their dissolving. None of the 21 tracks herein compiled have ever been released on digital format, as Morbid Upheaval made it a point to only release vinyl and tapes back in the day. Thirteen years after their split-up, it was mutually agreed that these tracks should be presented for a last time, in a luxurious, great looking digipack CD, featuring a lengthy interview, band pics and tons of unreleased artwork by NS. It is with pride that we now present to the world this collection, Death Metal.

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