DEATHRAID "Submit to the Will of Chaos" MiniLP

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DEATHRAID was a bunch of thrashers before being a thrash band. DEATHRAID was attitude and liefstyle before being a music style. One DEATHRAID live gig was banned for obscenity. DEATHRAID was outlawed for theft and housebreaking. DEATHRAID changed 3 drummers. DEATHRAID aimed to be the sickest and vilest band in the area. DEATHRAID was influenced by everything extreme and underground. The song "Lunatic Souls Domain" is short for LSD. DEATHRAID used to spend the cash earnt from gigs into drugs and alcohol, before playing. DEATHRAID demo has never been officially released. Until now. DEATHRAID live activity peaked with a gig supporting Necrodeath. DEATHRAID used to cut each other's arms before gigs. DEATHRAID was active from 1997 to 2001. DEATHRAID played DEATHRASH. "¢ One time pressing on 140 g black vinyl 12" mini LP with 5mm spine, including insert with lyrics. 300 copies only. "¢ A CD version limited to 500 copies is taken into consideration and is maybe going to be released in the future. Maybe.

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Mini LP 12"

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