PYTHON "Serpent Superstition" LP

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Like stretching into dawn, unasked and ungraded, PYTHON became a breath of existence in late 2009 between two Mediterranean friends with bloodroots south of the Vatican. With mutual appreciation for the catacombs and gallows of ancestry, they set forth to unravel what mysteries and folklore the motherland provided via muscle memory of infant bed time tales and regurgitated information from the great elders. As time progressed, song writing and words became a steady diet tucked away for when the time was right. A self-fulfilling prophecy constructed songs for the initiated; a medium in the crypt of the cemetery was born, for ghosts of the past and present to eliminate questions and answers of the pretenders. Superstitions and metaphysical manifestation take control and tell the tales of Python.

Or, imagine digging around in a dusty, moldy basement of some tenement in Italy and discovering an old box of demos with one obliquely marked "1976" and brandishing only song titles such as "Iconoclast," "Fire Sacrifice," "Strega," "Sleeping Letters of the Dead," "Serpent Superstition," "Black September," "Neophyte" and "Echoes of Past Darkness."

You might be lead to confuse this with some long lost Paul Chain demo upon listening to the tape

Unseen Forces

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12" LP
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