MASTER "1985" Lp


Please note red vinyl is a bit darker/oxblood

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The legend of Paul Speckmann and Master is well known and familiar to all in the underground so lets get to it. Side A includes the 1985 Unreleased Album. This was to be for a deal with Combat inked in late 1984 that for various reasons never materialized. The recording lay dormant until 2003 when they were issued and have seen additional reissues. Few other recordings in history are so singleminded in their goal of audial terror and power and laser focused on noise destruction. The American counterpart and accompanying document to Discharge's Hear Nothing See Nothing Say nothing lp. 

Side two includes a 1985 band rehearsal....Everything on 11 here.... but competently captures the violence and blitzkrieg of what early Master was like. Schmidt predictably drives the session with his heavy handed style while you are insulted and degraded by Speckmann for the better part of a half an hour. All of the banter, noise and intensity left in to truly experience the Master!!

If you are still left standing...the second lp awaits to finish the job...


Side one of this LP includes the 1986 and 1987 Funeral Bitch demo material with Paul Speckmann. While Master pummeled you with a mid paced attack Funeral Bitch decimates with full on blasting grinding death metal. Nine songs in fifteen minutes .

Side two finishes the job with the all time classic Deathstrike- Fuckin Death demo which is an all time classic that needs no other words. 

Each lp has full lyrics/forward by Speckmann/Unseen photos and Slipcase to house both lp's. ALL HAIL MASTER!!

Data sheet

2 LP's in hard Casewrapping

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